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What is intermittent fasting/16 hour fasting and how do we do it?

By embracing a simple 16 hour fasting practice as part of your Satvic lifestyle, the impact of transformation on your health and well-being will be incredible. It involves eating within a window of 8 hours, and fasting for 16 hours every night.

For example, if you eat your dinner at 7pm, eat no solid food till 11 am the next day. At 11 am, have your first solid meal of food. If you eat dinner at 6pm, eat no solid food till 10 am the next morning. Water and juices (such as coconut water, ash gourd juice) is allowed in your fasting window. When you do 16 hour fasting, your body will digest & absorb food within 5-6 hours (depending on the quality of your food). The remaining time will be used for cleaning, healing and repairing! This is when it rebuilds old tissue, burns fat cells, fades away old scars and cures your disease.

NOTE: If you are a child/pregnant/an athlete, then you can reduce the fasting from 16 hours to 14 hours.

Watch a detailed video on 16 hour fasting here -