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What can I do to cure Anaemia?

Anemia can be improved by following the satvic lifestyle that includes fasting, enema, wet pack, sunbathing, sun gazing, satvic diet plan, and some regular exercise.

Add wheatgrass juice & banana stem juice in your diet.

Wheatgrass is very high in hemoglobin. In fact, it’s the closest plant in Nature to resemble the composition of human blood. Take 60 ml of wheatgrass juice every morning on empty stomach. Grow fresh wheatgrass at home. You can learn how to grow & juice it through online videos.

Banana stem juice is also very good for anemic patients. Take the stem of the banana, remove the outer cover until you’re left with only the inside rod of the banana stem. Cut it and juice it. You can either have this in the morning empty stomach or evening mid-meal (in case you’re having wheatgrass juice in the morning).

Make sure not to forget the other Satvic laws - diet, sunbathing, sun gazing, 16-hour fasting, wet packs, some regular exercise.